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Cloud Protection Manager v2.3 is here!

Cloud Protection Manager v2.3
With the latest release of our top-rated Backup & Recovery solution for AWS, we've rolled out support for Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora, enhanced reporting, and more! Watch the release demo video of Cloud Protection Manager v2.3 and start protecting your AWS today.
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Watch the Cloud Protection Manager v2.3 Release Webinar

New features include:

Automated Backup for Amazon DynamoDB

With Cloud Protection Manager v2.3, we now provide enterprise-level backup and recovery for Amazon DynamoDB, one of the fastest growing services in AWS history. There’s no need for manual intervention any longer – you can now apply existing policies and schedules to backup and restore your DynamoDB tables and metadata.

Disaster Recovery for Amazon Aurora

Full cross-region and cross-account disaster recovery now available for Amazon Aurora clusters. We’re excited about supporting Amazon Aurora because of the blazing fast speed (processes that might traditionally take about 2 hours, are done in about 2 minutes).

Automate processes with RESTful API

Completely automate backup and recovery operations with the new Cloud Protection Manager v2.3 API and seamless integration between CPM and other applications. This allows you to fully leverage CPM’s powerful automation capabilities and set schedules and policies.

Enhanced Reporting

Our reporting just took a HUGE leap in flexibility. Enhancements include the ability to gather all reports in one tab, run as a CSV, view both protected and unprotected resources and include new filtering options as well. We’ve also got a number of common report templates that you may need, including reporting on which assets are protected by CPM and which aren’t.

1-Click Onboarding with CloudFormation – COMING SOON

Soon we’ll be able to provide an extremely fast and efficient onboarding process using CloudFormation’s 1-click template. This will take our already fast install process even faster (think 5 minutes instead of 15).

Enhanced Permissions for Users

We’ve added the capability for an admin to assign managed users to independent users. This is particularly useful for service providers as it allows for greater support for multi-tenant environments.

Start using Cloud Protection Manager for Free Today!

We offer a completely free tier for up to 5 EC2 instances and a fully-functional and unlocked 30-day free trial. Just head to the AWS Marketplace to sign up and start protecting your AWS environment in minutes.

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