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N2WS Backup & Recovery 2.4 – the next BIG THING for Enterprises and MSPs

N2WS Backup & Recovery 2.4
N2WS Backup & Recovery 2.4 is now available. This release introduces the ability to backup to S3, which enables users to see tangible business benefits.
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N2WS is the pioneer and market leader for AWS data protection, empowering enterprises and managed service providers to rapidly backup and recover critical workloads with zero downtime. Today, we are happy to announce that N2WS Backup & Recovery is available and ready to update in your AWS console. With this release, N2WS has developed a number of enterprise enhancements designed to bring huge cost-savings to your business.

Enterprises move workloads to the cloud to ditch the efforts of maintaining on-premises infrastructures, but they still need to look after their data and address the serious challenge of increasing storage costs. Modern organizations need a reliable solution that provides effective backup lifecycle and archiving management to succeed in their cloud journey. The latest version of our flagship solution will help businesses to reduce AWS storage costs, improve cloud mobility and stay disruption-free by delivering the following breakthrough capabilities:

NEW Save up to 40% on long-term retention costs

N2WS Backup and Recovery 2.4 offers the ability to achieve real-time cost savings, by moving EBS snapshots to Amazon S3 buckets. Users can also define schedules, set retention periods and create multiple folders within a single S3 bucket. This feature enables customers to solve the challenge of high storage costs and save up to 40% by leveraging the N2WS-enabled S3 repository. Another challenge customers can address with this feature is compliance (also part of the shared responsibility model), by retaining critical data in a low-cost storage tier.

S3 repository

NEW Gain more time with automated VPC backup and restore

N2WS VPC capture and clone eliminates the need for manual configuration during a recovery process by copying the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) settings and re-applying them to other workloads. It can capture VPC settings such as subnets, security groups and route tables and clone them to different regions. In N2WS Backup & Recovery 2.4, users will have the possibility to optimize the AWS backup and recovery process by automating the VPC configuration during a restore. This allows sysadmins to focus on other projects and reduces the risk of human error.

clone VPC

ENHANCED Schedule backups with our enhanced RESTful API

This enhancement facilitates system administrators to automate processes with greater ease by leveraging the enhanced N2WS RESTful API. More automation means greater efficiency and time saved – users will be able to monitor the status of backups from their own console and trigger backup and recovery without leaving their environment.

NEW Cross-account incremental backups

You can now save even more of your IT budget by taking advantage of cross-account incremental AWS backups. This means that the first backup is a full snapshot and subsequent snapshots only capture what has changed since the last full backup, bringing more efficient use of storage space, faster backups and restores and a lower AWS bill.

Already using N2WS Backup & Recovery? Upgrade your N2WS instance to update and benefit from the new features! Are you considering protecting your AWS data with a world-class solution? Try N2WS Backup & Recovery for FREE!

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