A Tale of Checkmarx’s Skyrocketing Growth: Tripling Data Protection with N2WS in Just 5 Years 

Given Checkmarx's rapid growth on AWS, it was crucial to find a solution in order to automate their backup and recovery processes right away. Here's a story of long term partnership with N2WS in safeguarding their growing footprint.
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At Checkmarx, understanding the hidden risks in cloud environments is second nature. Although operating in different sectors, both Checkmarx and N2WS share a commitment to managing unexpected data disruptions effectively.

How Checkmarx Leads the Way

Founded in 2006, Checkmarx is the leader in cloud-native application security, with a robust history in advanced application security testing.

The company has experienced notable growth particularly in the past few years, expanding its presence in the EMEA and APAC regions and catering to 60% of the Fortune 500 and half of the Fortune 50. They have also pioneered security solutions for GenAI-generated code and have celebrated over 3 million downloads of KICS (Keeping Infrastructure as Code Secure).

Managing a (Rapidly!) Growing AWS Footprint

Alon Bar, Vice President of Infrastructure, has been leading the Checkmarx backup team since 2018. They had been seeking a robust backup and recovery solution for their expanding AWS operations. Their AWS workloads were increasing due to impending acquisitions and an evolving cybersecurity landscape. With over 1,000 customers depending on their security testing services and no slowdown in customer acquisition, the company was poised for significant growth during a record fiscal year.

“Given our extensive customer base, it was crucial to automate our backup processes right away. We discovered N2WS on the AWS Marketplace and arranged a session to learn how it could safeguard our diverse and expanding resources.”

The Real Challenge in Implementing An Effective Backup & Recovery Strategy

Checkmarx’s infrastructure includes hundreds of EC2 instances, numerous databases, and a variety of FSx file systems. Their goal was to enable their IT team to automate disaster recovery swiftly in case of unforeseen incidents. Alon explained his team’s challenges in implementing an appropriate backup and recovery tool.

“No other provider could support the specific FSx flavors we used and ensure seamless data security across different regions and accounts. With the looming threat of cyber-attacks potentially compromising our AWS account and regional or AZ disruptions, securing our data was imperative.”

Scaling Efficiently Using N2WS Automated Backup & Recovery

The team deployed an N2WS instance within their AWS infrastructure. They loved that the IaaS solution allowed them to retain full control over their data without involving third parties. They were able to establish backup policies and automate scheduling in under thirty minutes.

As Checkmarx grew, N2WS scaled alongside them. Recently, Checkmarx reached its data limit, and a quick upgrade enabled them to enhance their unattached resource protection by 200%. Over five years with N2WS, Checkmarx effortlessly expanded their data protection capabilities, achieving rapid scalability and tripling their protected resources.

Scale Without Worry -> Focus on Those Business Needs

For Checkmarx, the partnership with N2WS not only safeguards their data operations. It also enables them to concentrate on their primary goals in security testing and continue to innovate within the industry.

Alon has no doubt that this is a shared journey for the long term.

“With N2WS, we feel completely secure about our data protection and value this partnership as we continue to expand in the coming years.”

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