The top 6 game-changing new features of N2WS Backup & Recovery v4.1

What's new in N2WS version 4.1: Top 6 game-changing new features
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N2WS Backup & Recovery version 4.1 came with major enhancements and new integrations to protect workloads running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) —including SAP HANA and Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. And in this post, we’ll run down the top 6 game-changing new features. 

But first, what is N2WS?

N2WS Backup & Recovery is a top-rated tool in AWS Marketplace that supports business continuity by providing a simple backup and recovery solution that leverages cloud-native technologies to ensure that cloud workloads are available and always recoverable. It allows you to maintain complete sovereignty and control of your data as well as to meet and exceed SLAs with ease.

“Since 2012, our goal at N2WS has been to provide peace of mind by offering our customers the easiest way to backup and recover their AWS workloads and data. That means we’re very responsive to the needs of our customers.”

—Uri Wolloch, CTO at N2WS

As a result of that customer-centric mission, the new features of the version 4.1 release (like backup for SAP HANA on AWS and copy Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL to Amazon S3) were developed to support N2WS customers who use those technologies on AWS and want a simple, streamlined solution to ensure 100% availability.

N2WS version 4.1 standout features include:

1. ENHANCED Data Protection

With N2WS v4.1, you can add another layer of protection against ransomware, malicious attacks, and accidental deletions of critical data stored in Amazon S3 using immutable backups. And, with N2WS, you can ensure that these immutable backups cannot be deleted until the specified governance period ends. That means —even in the case of an account-level compromise— backup data will remain immutable from change or deletion (i.e. it cannot be deleted).

“Now that N2WS has released immutable backup support, among other key features, we’ve been able to add another layer of critical data protection for our customers, especially when it comes to ransomware concerns.”

—Lee Blakely, Reliable Penguin, a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

2. NEW in Database Backup

N2WS now offers native support to protect SAP HANA running on AWS. So if you deploy SAP HANA on AWS, you can streamline backup orchestration of your SAP HANA data to Amazon S3. With N2WS, you can recover SAP HANA instances and databases to a production state within minutes. And you can meet organizational data protection goals by automating cross-region disaster recovery. You can even create immutable SAP HANA backups using the NEW N2WS support of Amazon S3 Object Lock (aka immutable backups).

3. NEW in Data Lifecycle Management

Amazon RDS is a popular choice for critical workloads. And these workloads often come with strict mandates for data retention that could be cost-prohibitive without a data lifecycle plan in place. Luckily, N2WS now offers comprehensive backup, disaster recovery and data lifecycle management for Amazon RDS databases running PostgreSQL or MySQL engines. With N2WS, you can also archive Amazon RDS databases to any Amazon S3 storage tier —and you can rehydrate archived databases back to a production state within minutes. 

4. ENHANCED VPC Capture + Clone

N2WS is all about making sure your data is always available and always accessible. But, to truly guarantee availability of data, the network infrastructure needs to be protected and recoverable too. That’s why, with version 4.1, N2WS has greatly expanded our Capture + Clone capabilities. So you can protect additional VPC entities including: Transit Gateway, Customer Gateway, VPN Gateway, and site-to-site VPN connections. You can also restore VPC entities, security groups, and network settings to previous states or clone them to other AWS regions or accounts —ensuring that your data and network infrastructure is always protected from downtime or outages. 

5. NEW Support for Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

We’ve also added support for another flavor of FSx. In addition to existing support for Amazon FSx for Windows File Server and Amazon FSx for Lustre, N2WS now supports Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. So you can automate backups and easily monitor backup status for Amazon FSx services along with your other AWS services. With N2WS, you can also orchestrate recovery of Amazon FSx along with other workload components like Amazon Transit Gateway and Amazon VPC settings as well as any other supporting servers, data, and metadata. 

6. NEW in Microsoft Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery

Even though N2WS is only available in AWS Marketplace (as of the time of publishing this post), it also supports orchestration of Microsoft Azure backup and recovery —all from a single pane of glass. New Azure features include: cross-region disaster recovery (DR) for Microsoft Azure virtual machines and disks and data protection policies for Azure SQL databases.

Now you can benefit from a “single pane” to manage all cloud workloads with 1-click recovery back to production states. By leveraging the N2WS multi-tenancy capabilities, this single pane can include workloads running in many regions, accounts, or public cloud providers (AWS and Azure). This is especially helpful for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), System Integrators(SIs), and companies with distributed deployments.

👉 View the N2WS v4.1 Release Notes for a more technical focus.

N2WS version 4.1 is available for immediate upgrades and POC testing. Existing customers can get access to all the latest enhancements by simply upgrading their existing N2WS instance.

👉 Install a trial of N2WS version 4.1 via AWS Marketplace

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